Spanish founded in 1965

Water-based paint and varnish coating products of Valresa brand.

Easy to apply.

With excellent spreading, the brush roller does not leave traces.

Soft and Natural

Offers a soft and natural surface

Prevents corruption

Prevents the changes caused by UV rays and wood degradation with the sun ray filters it contains.

Fully Water Based

Due to its completely water based structure, it can only be diluted with water.

Esfera Water Based Product Group



Esfera Water Based Product Group


Products Astar Group, which penetrates deeply into the wood with its fine molecular structure, acts as an impregnation, it protects the wood from physical and chemical effects, has a high covering and excellent elasticity, water repellent and transparent varnish groups, compatible with all kinds of wooden surfaces, fast drying, easy to apply. Water Based Product groups.

Gerçek The actual application colors may vary with printing printing. For the original colors, please request the actual application card. ”
Packing fillings

20 L, 2.5 L, 1 L

Seamless cargo

Packaging with high resistance clamp lid

All products of the Esfera brand have the EN 71-3 certificate, which is specified as European toy standards, and the heavy metal content is well below the conditions specified in the standards.

Usage Areas

All kinds of wooden garden furniture, all wooden doors and windows, wooden houses and huts, camellias and benches, playgrounds, wooden flower pots and fences, wooden bridges

Esfera Application

Application Surface and Conditions Must Be Appropriate;

Application should be performed under 75% relative humidity above 15C. Other than these conditions, physical and chemical resistance may be reduced on the applied surfaces. There should be no sharp corners (90 degrees) on the surfaces to be applied.

Pretreatment of Surface;

Pretreatment of the surface is very important for a smooth finish. Therefore, the raw surface must first be sanded properly with sandpaper No. 100/150.

Method of Application;

The part to be painted should be painted with a gun, brush or roller at an angle of 25-30 degrees in order to increase the spread, improve drying time and improve film formation.

Application Thickness;

The application thickness specified on the label must be observed.

Drying Process;

Drying times indicated on the label are valid for temperatures between 15-25C. High temperature and low humidity will shorten the drying time. If possible, light sanding and second coat should be applied after the first coat.

Intermediate Floor Sanding;

Water-based products cannot be sanded very well due to their elastic structure. In addition, sanding can create heat and cause surface deterioration. Therefore, sanding should be done with minimum pressure and sponge sanding should be used if possible.

Do not use steel sandpaper. The lightly bounced first coat surface will ensure a perfect finish on the top coat. It should never be shaken as air pouch may form during agitation.


Keep away from children. Avoid eye contact.

Recommended storage temperature is between 5-35 ° C. The packaging should not be in direct sunlight. Water below 10 ° C should not be added to the product. The product MSDS should be examined before using the product.

With the printing press, the actual application colors may vary. For original colors, please request the actual application card.

703X01 Çam / Pine

703X02 Kestane / Chestnut

703X03 Meşe / Oak

703X04 Ceviz / Walnut

703X05 Tik / Teak

703X06 Kiraz / Cherry

703X07 Fındık / Hazelnut

703X08 Maun / Mahogany

703X09 Sapelli / Sapele

703X10 Polisandro / Rosewood

EN71-3 - ESFERA 7034XX

EN71-3 – ESFERA 7034XX Quality Certificate

EN71-3 - ESFERA 7035XX

EN71-3 – ESFERA 7035XX Quality Certificate

EN71-3 - ESFERA 700201

EN71-3 – ESFERA 700201 Quality Certificate

EN71-3 - ESFERA 703319

EN71-3 – ESFERA 703319 Quality Certificate