Valresa Group is a group with 50 years of experience using technology solutions to paint different areas and produce high added value paints and varnishes

Valresa with two research centers and extensive applications in many countries on different continents is a dynamic company with international vision. Valresa has become one of the leading European groups in the production and marketing of paints for wood, plastic, metal. Our research and development, counseling and coating solutions expertise have been formed thanks to the high demands from our customers and the changing industry regulations. These are the main effects of the continuous development of our group.

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Culture of efficiency

Valresa is dedicated to designing the paints and varnishes of the future, searching innovation in four areas: to shorten wood paint and drying period, researching new developments to save on polishing costs. TECHNOLOGY that makes polishes increasingly environmentally friendly, minimizes the environmental effects they can produce, and respects the environment while maintaining a healthier and cleaner atmosphere in the workplace.

INNOVATION in search of solutions to personalize coating and furniture styles.

Wood varnish and surfaces of other upholsteries which have high scratch resistance, soft touch and all kinds of effects and colors. And finally, DESIGN presents the latest trends in furniture and wood as colors, textures and glittering polishes.

Valresa is known for water-based vanish product group and its Smart Upholsteries. Valresa offers dedicated solutions for every expectation, meets market needs and offers solutions that reduce environmental effects.  We are also developing new painting processes for wood and furniture, which are designed to revolutionize the methods of decoration and timber production.

A partner of choice

High level of commitment to zero error, zero waste, zero incidents and zero accidents with high expertise and training of employees, with a worldwide distributor network, wood varnishes and paints make it a perfect partner and consultant.

Furniture in global market; That’s what makes Valresa different.

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Product Quality


Service Quality


Customer Service


Innovation Quality


Necessity Compliance


Quality is the foundation of our company

As a leader in the coating industry, Valresa undertakes the following commitments:

Regulatory compliance. Trust and customer preference. Continuous improvement. Occupational health and Safety. Environmental commitment.

valresa smart coatings

Designing the varnishes of the future

Valresa is actively involved in different organizations to improve its knowledge and management.

Global Leader

A group of companies with international influence on all continents with more than 6000 customers.


Valresa is in the leading position in international market with the development of coatings and paints.

Smart Coatings

Coating and paint series offering customized solutions with minimal environmental effect for any need.