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The biggest advantage of the Valresa polyester product groups is that although it is a polyester product due to the
special raw materials used in its formulations, its odor is very light even in intensive use and the harm to human
health is as low as possible. Besides, it does not fluctuate in dense film applications and does not cause any
fluctuations in the glossy products applied on it thanks to its strong chemical formula after completion of drying.


In lake applications, high quality polyester primer, which has been redesigned in order to provide a smooth and durable surface, has been upgraded to a very advanced level, drying time is accelerated and sanding is facilitated. Some of the other advantages of the newly developed polyester liner is that its
resistance has been developed against leakage in upright applications, excellent ground to the topcoats and resistance to breakdowns.

  • Hardener: 690015 Mixing Ratio: 10+0,2+0,2
  • Catalyzer: 680008
  • 643021 Can Size: 10 Kg.
  • 690015 Can Size: 0,2 Kg.
  • 680008 Can Size: 0,2 Kg.
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