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P.U. 86 SEALER VARNISH | 110086

In order to provide a smooth and durable surface in
transparent applications, high-quality polyurethane,
which has been upgraded and improved its formula as
well as drying time is accelerated and its sanding is
facilitated. Other advantages of the newly developed
polyurethane filler are its high cracking and wrinkle
resistance and no dust caused by sanding.

  • Hardener: 190026 Mixing Ratio: 2+1
  • 110086 Can Size: 12 Kg.
  • 190026 Can Size: 6 Kg.

P.U. 84 SEALER VARNISH | 113084

This product has very high filling power and maximum
level of transparency. Very fast drying and can be
sanded easily. Also has perfect compatibility with the
topcoat varnish applied on.

  • Hardener: 190013 Mixing Ratio: 2+1
  • 113084 Can Size: 12 Kg.
  • 190013 Can Size: 6 Kg.


It is a specially designed polyurethane barrier varnish
with high filling power and complete isolation property
especially used for the highly porous and high resin
content wood or MDF.

  • Hardener: 190021 Mixing Ratio: 1+1
  • 110015 Can Size: 5 Kg.
  • 190021 Can Size: 5 Kg.


Specially developed for electrostatic applications, it is
an easy sanding polyurethane sealer with fast drying
and high filling power. It has resistant to flow in vertical

  • Hardener: 190023 Mixing Ratio: 2+1
  • 110018 Can Size: 24 Kg.
  • 190023 Can Size: 12 Kg.

P.U. 27 SEALER | 110027

The surface on which it is applied with special formula
developed in Spain shows high resistance to whitening
when impacted or drawn. It is an indispensable
product especially for dark woods. Another advantage
of this particular formula is that it provides perfectly
transparent and semi-glossy surface at 55-60 gloss
levels. It’s a very strong polyurethane with high filling
power that is suitable for overcoat applications, it has
long mixing life and is very reliable due to the high
amount of resin that it includes.

  • Hardener: 190026 Mixing Ratio: 2+1
  • 110027 Can Size: 12 Kg. / 3 Kg.
  • 190026 Can Size: 6 Kg. / 1.5 Kg.
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